How to Review a Lesson Effectively

These are note that I took from a section of the book called  "The Art of Teaching," by Joshua Fitch.  It was published in the 1800's, but is still very good advice today.

Here are the author's tips on reviewing a Sunday school lesson.

1.  Thorough questions should be asked, not only at the end of the whole lesson, but also at the end of each separate section of it.  This helps to sustain the interest of the class.

2.  Children are more likely to receive and remember a lesson when they know their memory is going to be tested.

3.  No matter how many facts or truths you teach, be sure to revisit them.

4.  Divide the lesson into two or three distinct parts - a clear, logical division.

a.  At the end of each section, go over the content thoroughly, and challenge the children to give back all you have taught.

b.  You should not only review the lesson just taught, but also spend the first ten minutes of every Sunday school class reviewing the previous Sunday lesson.

c.  This review could be turned into an ongoing game, or a reward could be given for correct answers.

d.  The reasoning behind this is that no one, child or adult, takes pains to grasp a subject in our memories unless we expect in some way to find a use for it later.

5.  So, if we wish to get a real effort of attention from children, we must do it by leading them to expect that their knowledge will be asked for again; by showing them that when we have once taught a thing, we do not forget it, but are sure to return to it.  It could be a half hour later, or a week later, but it will be reviewed certainly and systematically.

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