Jacob Bible Trivia Questions Free Printable

This free printable Bible trivia covers the following passages:

  • Genesis 27-28

Questions are adapted from:
Hurlbut's Bible Lessons for Boys and Girls
By Jesse Lyman Hurlbut
Copyright 1907

The questions and answers are listed below the image.  But for the colorful free printable version, please click on the image or the link below it.



1.  Who was Jacob?

Answer:  The younger son of Isaac

2.  What did Jacob see in a dream at night when he was going far from home?

Answer:  A ladder from earth to heaven with angels on it.

3.  Whom did Jacob see standing at the top of the ladder?

Answer:  The Lord God

4.  What did God say to Jacob at that time?

Answer:  "I am with thee and will keep thee."

5.  What promise did Jacob make after he saw the heavenly ladder and heard the voice of God?

Answer:  "The Lord shall be my God."

6.  What other name was given to Jacob many years afterward?

Answer:  The name of Israel

7.  What does the name Israel mean?

Answer:  The prince of God

8.  How many sons did Jacob or Israel have?

Answer:  Twelve

9.  What people came from Jacob or Israel?

Answer:  The children of Israel, or Israelites

10.  What are the Israelites called in the Bible?

Answer:  The people of God

11.  Why are they called "the people of God?"

Answer:  They prayed to God when other people were praying to idols.

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