Free Printable Bible Trivia: Isaac and His Sons

This free printable Bible trivia covers the following passages:

  • Genesis 22:1-20
  • Genesis 23:1 to Genesis 25:18
  • Genesis 25:19 to Genesis 27:41

Questions are adapted from:
Hurlbut's Bible Lessons for Boys and Girls
By Jesse Lyman Hurlbut
Copyright 1907

The questions and answers are listed below the image.  But for the colorful free printable version, please click on the image or the link below it.

1.  Who was Isaac's father?



2.  How did God test Abraham's obedience when Isaac was a young boy?


He told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on the altar.

3.  How did God rescue Isaac from the altar?


God called out to Abraham and told him not to lay a hand on the boy.

4.  When Isaac grew up, who became his wife?



5.  Who were the two sons of Isaac and Rebekah?


Esau and Jacob

6.  To whom did Esau sell his birthright?


To his brother Jacob

7.  For what price did Esau sell his birthright?


For a bowl of food

8.  What else did Jacob get that was meant for Esau?


His father's blessing

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