Christmas IQ Quiz Game for Older Kids

Do you need a fun but educational activity for your class tomorrow?

I found an interesting Christmas IQ Quiz online here:

Answers are here:

Printable letters are here:

I printed one copy of the questions and answers for myself.  I also printed out the large letters.

Here's how to play

1.  I will place the large letters around the room, on tables or taped to the walls.  They will be spread as far apart as I can get them so the kids don't run into each other.

2.  Ask the first question and give the letter choices.  Students "walk" to the correct letter and stand by it.  Emphasize to them to think for themselves, and not just go to a letter because classmates are going there.  Also, stress to walk and not run to avoid accidents.

3.  When they have all reached a letter, I'll give the correct answer. 

4.  Repeat with the other questions.

5.  This is a fun activity to get them out of their seats.  If you want to keep track of the winners for each question you can, but I've done this before and it got to be a lot of work keeping track.  So it's not really a game to win - just a fun activity.

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