Bible Categories Game or Activity - Treasure - Free Printable

A St. Patrick's Day Themed Activity for Upper Elementary


This is a modified version of the activity "Categories." Basically for fun, Bible Categories gives kids practice in looking up verses. The object is to look up the Bible verse for each letter on the left and find a word or words that start with that letter. Some will have more than one matching word. The words on the left are not necessarily "Biblical." They are fun or seasonal words, in this case, St. Patrick's Day. The Scriptures the children look up are loosely based on a theme, this one having to do with "treasures" of the Christian life. An answer key is included for self-checking. Two different activities are included.

How to Use

*Independent practice
*Early finishers
*Group game to see who finishes first
*Extra credit

Click on the image to get the free download.

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