A Bunch O' Beanbags - A Fun Bible Memory Verse Activity


I can't quite remember when I was introduced to beanbags, but I know that I have always loved them. Their squishy feel in my hands when I catch them has always brought me delight. Here's a fun Bible memory verse activity you can do with any Bible verse. I call it "A Bunch o' Beanbags".

Here's what you do:

Divide your class into 2 teams. Give each team 5 to 10 beanbags of 5 to 10 different colors. (You can make beanbags out of socks with beans inside. I did this when my kids were little and we used them for many different games.) On one side of the room, you will place prepared envelopes that correspond to the colors of the beanbags. Inside the envelopes will be one or more words that go to your memory verse. So, for example, if you use 5 bags for Nehemiah 8:10, you would have the following phrases in 5 different envelopes: 1)"For the joy", 2) of the Lord, 3) is my, 4) strength, and 5) Nehemiah 8:10. If you want to use more bags, you will have fewer words in each envelope. Each team will have their own set of envelopes, however they will be identical to the other teams'.

Now have the 2 teams go on the other side of the room. They will each have their own "bunch o' bean bags". On the word "Go", one child from each team grabs a bag and places it on their head. They must cross the room to the envelopes without dropping the bag. Once they reach the envelope, they can remove the bag and run back to their team with the envelope that corresponds to the color of bag they chose. If the child drops the bag, they must go back to their team and the next person in line must try to succeed. After all the envelopes are successfully brought back to a team, they can take the words out and must line them up correctly to give the memory verse. The first team to do this first is the winner.

After your memory verse game is over, you might want to be ready for a roaring good game of beanbag toss! Have fun!

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