SPACEPETS Bible Study Method - FREE Posters

The first time I heard of the SPACEPETS acronym to help with Bible study was reading Pastor Rick Warren's material.  I have seen it other places also.

 This method is for people of any age.  It helps you to study either a single verse, or a passage of Scripture and apply it to your life.  Sunday school teachers can also use these questions to encourage students to dig deeper into the lesson and gain more understanding of the truths.  Click on the image to take you to the free download.

Here is the acronym:

S - Is there a sin to confess?

P - Is there a promise to claim?

A - Attitude to change?

C - Command to obey?

E - Example to follow?

P - Prayer to pray?

E - Error to avoid?

T - Truth to believe?

S - Something to praise God for?

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