The Golden Calf

This lesson on the golden calf comes from Exodus 32.  The answer key is at the end.

1.  When the Israelites saw that Moses was on the mountain so long, what did they ask Aaron to do?  Exodus 32:1

2.  What did Aaron do with their gold?  Exodus 32:2-4

3.  What did Aaron build in front of the calf?  Exodus 32:5

4.  What did Aaron tell them there would be the next day?  Exodus 32:5

5.  When the Lord saw the people doing this, what did He tell Moses He was going to do?  Exodus 32:9,10

6.  Why did God change His mind?  Exodus 32:11-14

7.  When Moses came down the mountain and saw the people, what did he do with the tablets that the Ten Commandments were written on?  Exodus 32:19

8.  What did Moses do with the idol?  Exodus 32:20

9.  When Moses asked Aaron why he allowed this to happen, what lie did Aaron tell him?  Exodus 32:22-24

10.  Moses said for anyone on the side of the Lord to come stand by him.  What happened to the others?  Exodus 32:27-29

Answer Key

1.  Build them an idol
2.  Melted it down and formed a golden calf
3.  An altar
4.  A festival to the Lord
5.  Destroy the people
6.  Moses begged God not to destroy the people.
7.  Moses threw them down and they broke on the rocks.
8.  Burned it, ground it to powder, put it in the water, and made the people drink it.
9.  Aaron said he simply threw the gold in the fire and the calf came out.
10.  The Levites went through the camp with their swords and killed the idol worshippers.

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