Fun Bible Trivia

Use these Bible trivia questions for your next Bible Bowl or even for your Sunday school class. Having a bible trivia day is fun and exciting and also lets you know how much the kids (or adults) are retaining when you teach.

Bible Stories

The bible is so packed full of information that narrowing down the questions is best. Instead of having bible trivia over the whole book, use questions like the ones below and just focus on bible stories.

Children will more than likely know more about bible stories as opposed to questions like, "How many miles was it from Bethlehem to Jerusalem?"

Use stories like Jonah, Daniel, Adam and Eve, Naaman, Jacob and Esau, Abraham, Moses, the Philippian jailer, Samson, Jesus feeds the 5000, Jesus walks on water, Jesus turns the water into wine, and many, many others.

Bible Trivia Questions
  1. What city did God tell Jonah to go to? Nineveh
  2. Did Jonah go? No.
  3. What happened to Jonah? a big fish swallowed him
  4. How long did it take Jonah to walk through the city of Nineveh? 3 days
  5. Who named all the animals? Adam
  6. What did God use from Adam to make Eve? a rib bone
  7. In what form did Satan appear to Eve? a serpent
  8. What did Satan convince Eve to eat? fruit from the tree
  9. What tree did the fruit come from? the tree of knowledge of good and evil
  10. What happened to Adam and Eve after they ate the fruit? they were cast out of the garden
  11. What did God do to keep Adam and Eve from going back into the Garden of Eden? He placed two angels with flaming swords at the entry way.
  12. When Jesus broke the bread and fish, how many men did the bible say were in the crowd? 5000
  13. How many fish and bread were there to start with? 5 loaves of barley bread and two small fishes
  14. How much food was left after Jesus brake it? 12 baskets full
  15. What was the name of the king in the story of Daniel and the lion's den? King Darius
  16. Why didn't the lions eat Daniel? God sent an angel to shut the lion's mouths
  17. What made Samson so strong? his long hair
  18. How did Samson keep his strength? by never cutting his hair
  19. What did Jacob give to his favorite son Joseph? a coat of many colors
  20. When Joseph's brothers were jealous, what did they do to him? threw him into a pit, then sold him as a slave
Use these bible story questions for your next bible trivia game.
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