Very Easy Books of the Bible Bingo Game

This is a game that takes practically no preparation, and can be used at the spur of the moment when you need a time filler.  The only preparation you need is to have the materials on hand.


Bibles or a Poster with the Books of Bible
Books of the Bible cards (These can be made ahead of time out of index cards.)

Have a poster with the books of the Bible visible, or they can use the Bible table of contents.  That might even be better.

How to Play

1.  Each student writes down any 5 books of the Bible in order on a piece of paper.  Before playing, teacher should scan the words and make sure no student has the same five words written down.

2.  Caller has a set of cards with all books of the Bible.  They should be shuffled well, and place in a stack face-down, so the caller can't see them until they are picked.

3.  The caller turns over a card and announces it.  Anyone with that book on their list will cross it off.

4.  The first player to cross off all five books is the winner of that round.

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