Beach Ball Broom Hockey


I love coming up with new games my kids can play to help them review the Bible. Here's a fun one that will require a large enough space where kids can actually try and hit a beach ball with a broom through a designated goal. I myself have an indoor amphitheater with 100 kids inside that works quite nicely. You could also play this game outside if the weather permits. As far as equipment, you really only need one broom and one beach ball.

Prepare your Bible review questions for the story of verses you are working on. Separate your class into 2 teams. Have one child come up and try to answer the review question. If he answers correctly, he now gets the chance to make a goal. To make a goal will require the help of two other classmates standing at one end of the room about one to one and a half yards apart. So, in essence, they are a human goal post. The child who is attempting the goal will stand about 5 to 6 yards away from the goal with broom in hand and beach ball at his feet ready to take his swing.

Instruct the rest of the class to count backwards, 3-2-1. On the number one, the child attempting the goal will hit the ball with the broom trying to make it go between the human goal post. If he makes it, the class should yell, "SCORE!" and the child's team earns 100 points. If the child misses, the class should give a loud groan. Play goes back and forth between teams until all review questions have been asked.

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