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This coming Sunday is a review week in the curriculum that we use, Answers in Genesis.  I found a wonderful game from which she calls "Roll and Write Bible Verse."  Here is how I will adapt it to my fifth grade classroom on Sunday.  Our memory verse for the last few weeks has been Acts 17:26-27. 


First of all, I made a sheet with boxes on Word. 

There is a box for each word in the verse.  I have the verse printed at the bottom, rather than writing it on the chalkboard.  It's easier for them to copy.  This is a long passage of Scripture - there are sixty-five words in it.  (Hopefully I counted correctly!)

Next, I'll provide large foam dice that I bought from Oriental Trading a few years ago.  Here is a picture of them.  (From their website.)

 The kids always like these because they are so big.  And all us can easily see the number of dots on them.

How to Play

This will depend on how many students I have Sunday.  If we have a large class, we'll divide into two teams.  If not, they'll play as individuals.

Individual Version

1.  First player rolls the dice.
2.  He gets to write in the number of words that equal the number on the dice.  For example, if he rolls a four, he writes four words from the verse in the boxes.
3.  The next player does the same, and so on.
4.  The game goes around the table until someone has all the spaces written in.  That player is the winner.

I haven't played this yet with my kids, so I may tweak the directions after we have done it.  One option might be that they have to have the correct number exactly to finish.  For example, if they have two spaces left, they have to roll a two or they can't write anything in.

Team Variation

1.  Divide the class into two or three teams.
2.  Each player has a verse sheet.
3.  A player on team one rolls the dice.  Each player on the team gets to write in the number of words that he rolls.
4.  The next team does the same, and so on.
5.  Each time a team has a turn, a different player will get to roll the dice, so they all have turns.
6.  A team wins in the same way as the individual version.

If You Don't Have Dice

If you don't have large dice, that isn't a problem.  You can use small dice that you can find at Walmart or just about anywhere.  Or, simply take some index cards and write one through six.  Make several sets of the cards.  Shuffle them up, and kids choose a card from the pile and play the game the same way.

If you try this, or have any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to post a reply below.


I just wanted to post an update to let you know how this worked.  My class is a little split up this time of year because of kids going out to two different music practices.  So basically, by the time we got to this game, I only had two students left.  But it worked out very well.  They enjoyed the game and didn't have to wait long for their turn since there were only two.

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